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Screenshots and User Activity

mSpy automatically captures screenshots of the computer’s desktop at specified intervals. You can check what your target is doing on the computer at any time. User activity monitors how much time user is logged and how long computer is in active use. You receive reports in your personal panel regulary.


See every keystroke made on computer. Keylogger can capture all information from computer in Windows and iOS. Be sure no employee is sendingor telling corporate secrets or sensitive information in chat. In case someone do you will have evidences.

Check Installed Application and Application USe

Check what is being installed on business computers in your office. Be sure mo one is installing pirate software or downloading pirate music. Check if no one is installing restricted or harmful applications and software on cell phone or computer.

Web Mail Tracker

Track, monitor and check all mails send from corporate adress and server. Know if someone is sending sensitive information or secret data. Spy on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other mails used in any browser in your office.

Our Employee Monitoring and Tracking Software is Compatible with Mac and Windows. Only $5.83 per user per month if you start now

We make best employee cell phone and desktop monitoring software to investigate and survelliance your emploees productivity online. mSpy is best invisible employee-monitoring software available online that record maximum information. Our software incorporates the fullest number of tracking tools, and gives more interesting features than other similar programs. mSpy gives you access to everything on computer or tablet including chats, browser history, screenshots and other information you may need. You may install it on any Mac on iOS or PC on Windows to track activity. Also you can spy on employees cell phones and receive all data from employees mobile phones to monitor it on your computer. Top Features You Need to Know About Monitoring Software as a Work Examiner Tool PC-monitoring software can not only monitor and track all activities, but also filter and block websites individually. You don’t want to make a block for all office? Use it as an individual or department measure. mSpy gives you ability to monitor employee activity remotely from any device, which has an web access: computer, phone, laptop, tablet. You will see all activity your employees are into including chats, business mails, websites visited, search terms and even keystrokes, that are captured by keylogger. Can you be sure all your employees are absolutely honest? Why you have to believe everyone you hire? What are your stuff doing all day in office?

monitor employees pc, mac, desktop, tablet

Do you suspect some of employees do not give their best performance, and access confidential company data and treat it without care? You can monitor their activity on their PC or laptop without their knowledge when you monitor. Increase productivity and know if there is some cesurity potential threats in your own company with computer spy software. Make your business safer using our employee pc tracking software. Take a look on all information from your employees computers you will have access to remotely.

Monitor Skype Calls

Read Text messages, Facebook, iMessage, Whatsappa, Viber, Skype

Track data transfer history

Monitor Internet Use and Installed Apps

Track social network use

Check traffic and work time

All-In-One Employee Computer Monitoring Software just $5.83 / month

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