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Computer spy is a program that allows you to monitor computer remotely and track all activities on it. It allows network administrators and security service to control user actions remotely using any web browser. The program is installed in the optional stealth mode, you can spy on the keystrokes, screen, installed apps, browser, mail agent and more.

In other words, computer spy software tracks of all actions that have been produced on a computer for a period of time when the program worked. It keeps track of everything! From keystrokes on the keyboard, to the documents that you print to the printer. Also it makes screenshots, enters a log sites that are visited from this computer, and more.

Computer Spying Program mSpy

Computer spying program mSpy is designed for hidden monitoring of computer and monitor user activity on more specific methods of using keylogger, screen spy, browser spy, internet usage tracking. You can also use tracking programs for computer to check what apps and software your employees and kids use on computers. mSpy can monitor all keystrokes, make the necessary screen screenshots at regular intervals, ensure that specific programs were launched / closed, to carry out surveillance of the clipboard, printing on a printer, to record the addresses of sites visited, to find out where hour computer was turned on / off. All data is stored in an encrypted cloud Control Panel. You can log in to Control Panel from any computer or phone connected to Internet.mSpy can create reports with Analytics, and send it on your email regularly. You can make mSpy invisible in all operating systems.

How Computer Spy Software Works

  • Download Computer Spy on Employees or Kids Computer
  • Run program
  • The program start sending data directly to the Control Panel.

Let’s start with the installation. Installing software is quite easy as most of the usual programs. Run shortcut or .exe file. If you want to check if a new version came out, press the button, but we do not need it at the moment, because we have downloaded the latest version. Click “Next” button. It provides a brief description of the program that does it represent, and brief instructions. Click “Next” button, because the program we are now acquainted yourself.

Then follows a license agreement that we need to confirm. Be sure to put a check, well as in all other programs. We confirm that we use computer spy software program for legitimate purposes. Click the check box and click Next ‘

In the next window you can change the installation directory of the program. All items are understandable, but, perhaps, explain the last point: “Register Reports in Explorer windose”

This means that reports are created program will appear in Windows Explorer windows, and will be displayed in the system.

Push the button to install. Installation is fast enough. In the window that opens, we warn that will be made automatic configuration of firewall, if any. Push the button “Yes” next window suggests that it will adjust the ICQ and mail agent, if any, press the button “Yes” and wait for a window popped That firewall. Allowed to manually access the network. All installation is complete, click “Finish” button and the program starts.

How Parents Can Use Spy App for Computer

Do you still think that your daughter or son-teenager real angel? You blindly trust your child, regardless of what he does not tell you about his life almost nothing? It is self-deception. Computer spying program can help check your children’s computer, when it is not too late. After all, you probably have heard stories when an excellent student girl that was addicted to drugs. In a specialized graduate school a girl contacted the bad company and committed several crimes and took drugs. Parents for sure acquainted with such stories, that’s something that definitely not going to happen if you install spy app for computer on your teens computer. It’s time to find out what life your daughter or son are living. If you still doubt the need to find out real life details use computer spy software.


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mSpy is one of the best computer spy software. The spy software’s features was created for spying on computer, online activity, to create reports and settings. Usually mSpy computer spy is used by business owners and parents for parental control.

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