Keylogger Software

Keyloggers is a program that records various user actions – keystrokes on a computer keyboard, mouse movement and clicking buttons, etc. mSpy has a keylogger to complete all computer spy software features.

Types of information that can be controlled by keylogger

  • pressing keys on the keyboard
  • movement and clicking the mouse button
  • The date and time you press

Extras can be made periodic screen shots (and in some cases – even screen video)

How can keystroke logging software can be authorized used. You can install keylogger (including hardware and software products, including a keylogger as a unit) only after the acknowledge of the owner (security administrator) of the automated system or with the consent of the owner of a particular PC. Sanctioned used keyloggers (hardware or software) is referred to as the employee monitoring software, parental control software, access control software, personnel security programs, and so on. n. As a rule sanctioned by established software products require physical access to your computer and binding must have administrator rights to configure and install.

Employee Keylogger

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